Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Dumping the Cargo Box
1. Select a level site to dump the
cargo box. Do not attempt to
dump or unload the vehicle
while parked on an incline.
2. Set the parking brake.
3. Dismount the vehicle.
4. Stand clear and pull the cargo
box release mechanism lever
(1) forward. Lift the front of
the cargo box to dump.
If the weight distribution on the box is located toward the rear of the box
and the release lever is pulled forward, the box will want to dump on its
own. Never operate the dump lever without checking the position of
the load. This will prevent unexpected dumping of the cargo box.
Never carry passengers in the box.
In the event of an accident have a qualified service dealer check the
complete machine including, but not limited to, brakes, throttle, and
steering for possible damage.