Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

indicates a potential hazard which
could result in serious injury or death.
Additional Important Information...
Due to our concern for the safety of our customers and the general public, Polaris
hereby strongly recommends and requests that consumers not have installed on
a Polaris RANGER any equipment which is intended to increase the speed or pow-
er of the vehicle; or make any other modifications to the vehicle for these purposes.
Any modifications to the original equipment of the RANGER substantially increase
the risk of bodily injury. Please be aware that these modifications may create a sub-
stantial safety hazard.
Polaris hereby informs you that the warranty on your RANGER is terminated if any
such equipment has been added to the vehicle or any modifications have been
made to the vehicle which increase its speed or power.
We also advise you to strictly follow the recommended maintenance program out-
lined in this manual. This preventive maintenance program is designed to ensure
that all critical components on the vehicle are thoroughly inspected by your dealer
at various mileage intervals.
The addition of certain accessories including (but not limited to) mowers, blades,
tires, sprayers, or large racks may change the handling characteristics of the ve-
Be certain any accessories added to this vehicle have been approved by Polaris.
Familiarize yourself with their function and affect on the vehicle.