Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Throttle Pedal
If the throttle pedal (1) has exces-
sive play due to cable stretch or
cable misadjustment, it will cause a
delay in throttle response, especial-
ly at low engine speed. Also, the
throttle may not open fully. If the
throttle pedal has no play, the
throttle may be hard to control, and
the idle speed may be erratic.
Check the throttle pedal play period-
ically in accordance with the Period-
ic Maintenance Chart and adjust the
play if necessary.
Throttle Freeplay Inspection
1. Apply the parking brake.
2. Put the gear shift lever in the N
(Neutral) position.
3. Start the engine, and warm it up
4. Measure the distance the
throttle pedal moves before the
engine begins to pick up speed.
Free play should be 1/16 - 1/8
If adjustment is necessary, adjust
the throttle freeplay using the follow-
ing procedure:
1. Loosen jam nut on cable where
it connects to the throttle brack-
2. Adjust cable to specified free-
3. Tighten jam nuts securely.