Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Crossing Streams
Your Polaris RANGER can operate through water up to depths reaching the floor-
boards. Before fording streams always:
1. Determine water depths and current.
2. Choose a crossing where both banks have gradual inclines.
3. Proceed slowly, avoiding rocks and obstacles if possible.
4. After crossing, dry the brakes by applying light pressure to the lever until brak-
ing action is normal.
Should your vehicle become immersed, it will be necessary to take it to your dealer
as soon as possible. Do not start the engine! Immersion of the vehicle can cause
major damage if not correctly repaired.
Never try to cross any deep or fast flowing streams.
The large tires can cause the vehicle to float resulting in loss of control.
D Determine stream depth and speed before crossing.