Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

1. Sit in the drivers seat with the seatbelt fastened.
2. After starting the engine and allowing it to warm up, shift the transmission into
3. Check your surroundings and determine your path of travel.
4. Release the parking brake.
5. Keeping both hands on the steering wheel, slowly depress the throttle with your
right foot and begin driving. Vehicle speed is controlled by the amount of
throttle opening and PVT shifting is done automatically.
6. Drive slowly, practice maneuvering and using the throttle and brakes on level
indicates a potential hazard which
could result in serious injury or death.
Load Distribution
When carrying cargo or towing a trailer, remember that load weight will in-
crease braking distances. Failure to allow for increased braking distance
may result in accident and injury.
1. Always load the cargo bed placing the load as far forward as possible.
2. Always operate the vehicle with extreme care, especially when hauling or tow-
ing loads.
3. Slow down and drive in D-1 Gear only.
4. The cargo box dump latch must be securely latched before loading and operat-
ing. Unintentional box tilting can result if weight is placed in the rear of the box
and the latch is not secured.
5. Do not place loads on the cab frame
WARNING: Never operate this vehicle with the cargo box in the raised position.
The cargo box could close unexpectedly while driving, severely injuring the driver
or passenger. The rear tires can catch the rear of the box, damaging the vehicle
and creating hazardous driving conditions.