Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Demand 6 Drive
Exclusive Demand 6 Drive System (All Wheel Drive)
This Polaris AWD is equipped with a unique, Polaris exclusive, Demand 6 Drive
(AWD) system which is activated by a switch on the dash. When the switch is off
the RANGER is in 4 wheel drive at all times. When the switch is on the RANGER
is in Demand 6 Drive and the front wheels will automatically engage anytime the
rear wheels lose traction. When the rear wheels regain traction, the front wheels
will automatically disengage.
The AWD button position and a red AWD light indicates when the vehicle is in De-
mand 6 Drive. There is no limit to the length of time the vehicle may remain in De-
mand 6 Drive.
The AWD switch may be turned on or off while the vehicle is moving. If the switch
is turned off when the front hubs are driving they will not release until the rear
wheels regain traction.
CAUTION: Do not switch on Demand 6 Drive if the rear wheels are spinning. This
may cause severe drive shaft and clutch damage. Engage the Demand 6 Drive
switch before getting into conditions where front wheel drive may be needed. If the
rear wheels are spinning, release the throttle before turning the Demand 6 Drive
switch on.