Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Engine Cooling System
Radiator Coolant Level Inspection
NOTE: This procedure is only required if the cooling system has been drained for
maintenance and/or repair. However, if the recovery bottle has run dry, the level
in the radiator should be inspected and coolant added if necessary.
WARNING Never remove the pressure cap when the engine is warm or hot.
Escaping steam can cause severe burns. The engine must be cool before remov-
ing the pressure cap.
Lift the hood and locate the radiator cap.
NOTE: Use of a non-standard pressure cap will not allow the recovery system to
function properly. If the cap should need replacement contact your dealer for the
correct replacement part.
Drain Plug
The oil should be changed annu-
ally, especially before off season
storage. If the machine is used
in wet conditions the oil should
be checked more frequently. If
the oil has a milky appearance it
should be changed as soon as
possible. Failure to properly
maintain this important area can
result in premature wear or pos-
sible failure of the engine com-
ponents. Always use Polaris
0W-40 oil.
Engine Access
Panel Removal and
Engine access panels are re-
moved by pulling handle out and
then up (no tools are required).
Install by firmly placing the bot-
tom pins in the grommets and
pushing the top pins (1) into the
grommets (2).
Crankcase Drain