Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Oil and Filter Change
The recommended oil change interval is 100 hours, 1000 miles, or every six
months, whichever comes first. Suggested break in oil change is at 20 hours, 500
miles, or one month, whichever comes first. Severe use operation requires more
frequent service. Severe use includes continuous duty in dusty or wet conditions,
and cold weather riding. NOTE: Severe use cold weather riding is all riding below
10° F, and riding between 10° F and 30°F when most trips are slow speed and less
than 5 miles. Be sure to change the oil filter whenever changing oil (Polaris PN
1. Place vehicle on a level
2. Remove rear wheel well
panel by cutting dart clips
and removing screws.
3. Clean area around drain
plug at the bottom of the oil
4. Run engine for two to three
minutes until warm. Shut
engine off.
5. Place a drain pan beneath
the oil tank and remove the
drain plug. CAUTION: Oil
may be hot. Do not allow hot
oil to come into contact with
skin as serious burns may
6. Allow oil to drain completely.
7. Install a new sealing washer (PN 5850135) on oil drain plug. NOTE: The
sealing surfaces on the drain plug and the oil tank should be clean and free of
burrs, nicks or scratches.
8. Reinstall drain plug and torque to 14-17 ft. lbs. (1.93-2.35 kg/m)
9. Place shop towels beneath oil filter. Using an oil filter wrench, turn filter (1)
counterclockwise to remove.
10. Using a clean dry cloth, clean filter sealing surface on crankcase.
11. Lubricate O-Ring on new filter with a film of new engine oil. Check to make
sure the O-Ring is in good condition. Also make sure the O-ring from the old
filter is not still on the engine.
12. Install new filter and tighten by hand 1/2 to 3/4 turn after gasket contact.
13. Approximately 1 cup of engine oil will remain in the crankcase. To drain,
remove drain plug found on lower right side of crankcase. NOTE: The sealing
surfaces on the drain plug and crankcase should be clean and free of burrs,
nicks or scratches.