Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Spark Plugs
D Proper electrode gap is .028/.7mm.
D Spark plug torque is 17 ft. lbs. (2.3 kg/m).
D Use NGK BKR5ES spark plugs.
D Proper electrode gap is .025(.06 cm).
D Spark plug torque is 17 ft. lbs.(2.3 kg/m) for a used spark plug, 11 ft. lbs
(1.52 kg/m) for a new spark plug.
Spark plug condition is indicative of engine operation. The spark plug firing end
condition should be read after the engine is warmed up and the vehicle is driven
at higher speeds. Immediately check the spark plug for correct color.
1. Normal
The insulator tip is gray, tan or light brown. There will be few combustion deposits.
The electrodes are not burned or eroded. This indicates the proper type and heat
range for the engine and the service.
NOTE: The tip should not be white. A white insulator tip indicates overheating,
caused by use of an improper spark plug or incorrect carburetion adjustments.
2. Wet Fouled
The insulator tip is black. A damp oil film covers the firing end. There may be a
carbon layer over the entire nose. Generally, the electrodes are not worn. General
causes are excessive oil, use of non-recommended injection oil, improper use of
the choke, or incorrect carburetion adjustments.
Spark Plug Removal and Replacement
WARNING: Never attempt to remove a spark plug while the engine is warm.
The exhaust system or engine could burn you causing severe injury.
The spark plug is removed by using the special wrench provided in the tool pouch
under the seat. Reach inside the right hand engine access panel and then back
for access. Remove the spark plug cap and then the spark plug by rotating coun-
Reverse the procedure for spark plug installation. Torque to 17 ft. lbs. (2.3 kg/m).
Never deviate from the recommended spark plug as engine damage can occur.
Cylinder Head/Cylinder Base Fastener Torque
Have your dealer check the RANGER cylinder head and cylinder base fasteners
for proper torque at the first service or after 25 hours.