Raymarine A65 GPS Receiver User Manual

Chapter 4: Using the Chartplotter
4.1 Introduction
This chapter describes how to use the Chartplotter application of the A65 display.
To access full functionality your chartplotter requires position data from your
RS12 GPS Sensor. After position data is available you can:
Find out where you are
Navigate to a specific point
Build and follow a route
Monitor where you are going
Manage and edit routes
All of these functions are available in the chartplotter application, so you can plot
routes at large scales even when a chart is not installed.
In addition the chartplotter provides functions to:
Control what you see in the chart window
Set up alarms
Using your Chartplotter Safely
Your chartplotter makes use of waypoints, which are easy to place and travel
towards. However, you should always check that a route is safe.
If you have entered your route using a large scale chart, zoom in to a smaller area
to check for hazards, such as small shoals, that may not be shown on a larger scale
Until you are familiar with interpreting the chart display, you should take every
opportunity to compare the displayed objects with visual targets, such as buoys
and coastal structures. You should practice harbor and coastal navigation during
daylight and in clear weather conditions. The simulator mode can also be used to
help you gain experience.
It is strongly recommended that before you use your chartplotter application, that
you read and understand Chapter 3: Working with Waypoints.