Raymarine A65 GPS Receiver User Manual

94 A65 GPS Chartplotter
Coordinated Universal
Time (UTC)
The world standard for time that takes into account the addition or
omission of leap seconds by atomic clocks each year to compensate
for changes in the rotation of the earth. Like Greenwich Mean Time
(GMT), UTC is based on the mean solar time for Greenwich,
England, which is located on the Prime Meridian (zero longitude).
UTC time is expressed as plus or minus hours of UTC.
Course Deviation
Indicator (CDI)
A graphical representation of your boat’s course in a ‘rolling road’
format that displays the amount and direction of cross track error
(XTE). Steering instructions on the screen tell you what correction is
needed to maintain your course and arrive at the target waypoint.
Course Made Good
The bearing from your starting point to the current position.
Course Over Ground
Indicates the boat’s actual course relative to a ground position, as
measured by the GPS. This differs from your Heading, which does
not take into account current, wind or other sea conditions that may
alter your course.
Course Up Orientation Displays the chart with your current course upwards. As your boat’s
heading changes, the ship symbol moves accordingly. If you select a
new course, the picture resets to display the new course upwards.
Cross Track Error (XTE) The distance you are off the desired course in either direction.
DC Direct Current
DSM Digital Sounder Module
GPS Global Positioning System
Head Up Orientation Displays the chart with your boat’s current heading upwards. As the
heading changes the boat symbol remains fixed and the chart
picture rotates accordingly.
Heading The direction the boat is moving, as measured by a compass. This
measurement differs from Course Over Ground (COG), which also
takes into account factors that may alter your course due to winds,
currents, etc.
KHz Kilohertz
km Kilometer
KPH Kilometers per hour
ky Kiloyards
Latitude Position north or south of the equator, measured by degrees from 0
to 90.