Raymarine A65 GPS Receiver User Manual

24 A65 GPS Chartplotter
2.3 Status Bar
The Status Bar provides current information about the chart application.
Top Line
Chart Range
This represents the distance from the top to the bottom of screen at the cur-
rent zoom level (refer to “Zoom in/out“ on page 67). Range rings are drawn
at intervals equal to 1/4 of this value.
This reports the orientation mode currently displayed: Head Up, North Up, or
Course Up. When in split screens, these appear as H-UP, N-UP, and C-UP,
respectively (see page 88).
Relative Motion mode
This indicates that the chart is in Relative Motion mode, which is invoked at
power-up or when you press FIND SHIP. When you move relocate the cursor,
Relative Motion is broken and the indicator appears in amber text and
enclosed in parentheses—(Relative Motion). When in split windows, these
appear as RM and (RM), respectively. Relative Motion is described in more
detail on page 89.
Bottom Line
Position / Csr Pos
When in Relative Motion mode, this field displays the boat’s Position. When
Relative Motion is suspended, the cursor position (Csr Pos) and bearing &
range from the boat are shown.
Measurements in the Status Bar are displayed in the Distance Units set in the Units
parameter of the System Setup menu.When zooming in and the value becomes less than
0.5 mile or 0.5 kilometer, the distance unit converts to feet or meters, respectively.
Half Screen
Full Screen
12nm North-Up (Relative Motion)
Csr Pos N 25°18.160 W 080°19.397 090°T 0.67nm
12nm N-UP (RM)
Csr Pos N 25°18.160 W 080°19.397