Raymarine A65 GPS Receiver User Manual

8 A65 GPS Chartplotter
CAUTION: Global Positioning System Antenna
Do not connect or disconnect the GPS antenna from the display
unit while power is switched on. Doing this may result in
irreparable damage.
Electronic Chart Cards
To use your A65 display as a navigation aid, charts with the appropriate level of
detail for the geographic area you wish to navigate are required. The charts are
available an electronic format on Navionics
(CF) Chart cards.
The A65 is compatible with both Navionics Gold and Silver Chart cards.
To obtain Navionics Chart cards, contact your local dealer or visit
www.navionics.com or www.navionics.it.
Anywhere in North America call Navionics toll-free at 1-800-848-5896. Outside
of North America, contact your local dealer or Navionics SpA at (+39) 0584
When saving (archiving) data, Raymarine recommends that you only use
CompactFlash cards. Other makes of cards may not work in your A65
Technical Accuracy
The technical and graphical information contained in this handbook, to the best
of our knowledge, was correct as it went to press. However, the Raymarine policy
of continuous improvement and updating may change product specifications
without prior notice. As a result, unavoidable differences between the product
and handbook may occur from time to time.
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