Raymarine A65 GPS Receiver User Manual

Chapter 3: Working with Waypoints 51
On the sending device:
1. Ensure the unit is powered on and connected to the A65’s NMEA port via a
suitable cable.
2. Select the desired waypoint and export it via the NMEA port.
On the A65:
3. Press GOTO. The GOTO NMEA soft key is grayed out until the waypoint is
4. When the GOTO NMEA key is no longer grayed out, press it.
The waypoint appears, along with bearing lines to it.
3.4 Viewing Waypoint Information
You can view the details of any waypoint that you have placed by either selecting
it with the cursor or by selecting it on the waypoint list. Once you are viewing a
waypoint’s details, a variety of editing and managing options are available.
... using the cursor
You can select a waypoint with the cursor and view its details provided that the
waypoint is not being navigated to:
1. Move the cursor over the waypoint you wish to view. The cursor changes color
and the information for the selected waypoint is displayed in a data box. The
soft keys change to show you are working with a waypoint.
This displays the waypoint information in a dialog box. You can edit the
details if desired. See “Editing a Waypoint“ on page 53.
3. Press ENTER or CANCEL. The Waypoint List is displayed.
4. Press ENTER or CANCEL again to return to normal operation.