Raymarine A65 GPS Receiver User Manual

38 A65 GPS Chartplotter
2.11 Display Setup
These options control the appearance of your A65 Display.
Use the trackpad (left/right) keys or rotary knob to select the brightness value
from a low of 5% to a high of 100% in 5% increments. The default is 100%. This
setting always resets to 100% at power-up.
You can quickly access this setting by pressing and releasing the POWER button.
Data Items
Data Items provide regularly-used data in a compact form so that most of the
graphics can still be seen. Items are stacked on top of one another. Select ON or
OFF for each item. The default is OFF for all.
Data is normally acquired from the DSM25. If a DSM25 is not connected, these val-
ues can be obtained from another instrument via NMEA.
Measurement from bottom of transducer to the seabed.
Reading from transducer’s paddlewheel. Note that this is not SOG, which
accounts for current, wind or other sea conditions.
Reading from transducer’s temperature-sensing thermistor.
The boat’s battery voltage.
Total distance travelled by the boat.
Distance travelled since the counter was reset.
Auto Scroll
Scrolls each data item that has been turned ON one-at-a time in the upper left
corner of the screen every three seconds.
As more data items are added to the screen, text font is automatically resized to
accommodate them. When no more space is available, Auto Scroll is initiated automatical-