Raymarine A65 GPS Receiver User Manual

58 A65 GPS Chartplotter
Moving a Waypoint
You can move any waypoint to a new position. If, however, you are navigating to
a waypoint and you wish it to be moved, you will need to stop navigation (press
STOP GOGTO or STOP FOLLOW). There are two methods of moving a waypoint:
... by entering new coordinates
If you know the new coordinates for the particular waypoint, you can enter this
information by editing the waypoint’s Latitude and Longitude, as described in the
preceding section, “Changing the Waypoint Details”.
... by dragging the waypoint to a new position
You can drag a waypoint to a new position using the cursor and trackpad:
1. Place the cursor over the waypoint that you want to move. The Waypoint soft
keys appear.
If you place the cursor over a waypoint to which you are currently navigating
(the active waypoint), the STOP GOTO soft key (or STOP FOLLOW if the waypoint is
part of a route) appears. You must stop the goto before moving the waypoint.
3. Move the cursor to the new location.
4. Press PLACE WAYPOINT to move the waypoint to the new location or
CANCEL to abandon the move.
CAUTION: Moving a Waypoint used in a Route
It is possible to move waypoints that are used in routes. In such
instances, the stored route will include the Waypoint in its new
position. Ensure that this does not present a navigation hazard.
N 26 16.496
W 080 03.907
WPT 0005
Edit Waypoint
Edit Waypoint
N 26 16.496