Raymarine A65 GPS Receiver User Manual

Chapter 2: General Operation and System Setup 39
Key Beep
Controls whether or not the keys sound a tone when you press them. Select ON or
OFF. The default is ON.
Digital Compass
This feature simulates a pedestal-style compass that displays your current course
over ground (COG) or heading (HDG) and the bearing to the active waypoint.
Select from the following options:
The compass is not displayed
The compass is displayed, based on your course over ground
The compass is displayed, based on heading (if heading sensor is installed)
The centerline indicates either your course (amber) or heading (red) while the blue
line represents the bearing to the waypoint. When on the right course, the two
indicators line up and their combined color becomes green (using COG) or
magenta (using HDG). Double arrows indicate the direction to steer to the target.
If you select HDG when no heading sensor is connected, the compass
automatically displays the amber COG line instead.
Compass directions (N, NE, NW, etc.) have a superscript character that represents
the bearing mode you selected in System Set Up: M for Magnetic and T for True.
2.12 System Diagnostics
This sub-menu is for diagnostic use by authorized dealers. All menu items default
to OFF. You should not make any adjustments to these settings.
Steering Arrows Centerline
COG (amber)
or HDG (red)
Bearing to Waypoint