Polaris 300 2X4 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Front Gearcase (Demand Drive) Fluid
Always check and change the
demand drive fluid at the inter-
vals outlined in the Periodic
Maintenance Chart beginning
on page 68. We recommend the
use of Polaris Premium
Demand Drive Hub Fluid. Use
of other oils may result in
improper operation of compo-
nents. See page 119 for the part
numbers of Polaris products.
Maintain the fluid level at the
bottom of the fill hole threads.
The fill plug is located on the
right side of the gearcase. The
drain plug is located on the bot-
tom right side of the gearcase.
Demand Drive Fluid Recommendations
Gearcase Lubricant Capacity Fill Plug
To r q ue
Drain Plug
To r q ue
Demand Drive
Premium Demand Drive
Hub Fluid
5 oz.
(148 ml)
8-10 ft. lbs.
(11-13 Nm)
8-10 ft. lbs.
(11-13 Nm)
Drain Plug