Polaris 300 2X4 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Oil and Filter Change
Always change the oil and filter at the intervals outlined in the Periodic
Maintenance Chart beginning on page 68. Always change the oil filter
whenever changing oil.
1. Position the vehicle on a level
2. Place the transmission in neutral.
3. Lock the parking brake.
4. Start the engine. Allow it to idle for
two to three minutes. Stop the engine.
5. Clean the area around the drain plug.
6. Place a drain pan under the vehicle.
7. Remove the drain plug. Use a 6 mm
Allen wrench.
8. Drain the oil.
9. Reinstall the drain plug with a new sealing
NOTE: The sealing surfaces on the drain plug and
crankcase should be clean and free of
burrs, nicks or scratches.
10. Torque to specification. See page 74.
Hot oil can cause serious burns to skin. Do not allow hot oil to contact skin.