Polaris 300 2X4 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Recoil Starter
If the battery is too weak to start
the engine, use the recoil starter.
Follow the starting procedures on
page 50, cranking the engine with
the recoil starter instead of the
main key switch.
1. Grasp the recoil starter rope
handle tightly.
2. Pull slowly so you can feel
the engine strokes.
NOTE: The rope will be harder to pull when the engine is on a compression
stroke. When a compression stroke is found, continue pulling the rope
just until the engine rolls past the stroke, then stop pulling immediately.
3. Allow the recoil rope to rewind into the recoil assembly, then pull
the rope abruptly and forcefully to start the engine.
4. Repeat all steps until the engine starts.
5. Make sure the handle is fully seated on the housing.
Extending the recoil starter rope until it stops can cause damage to the recoil
assembly. Do not extend the starter rope so far that it stops.
If the starter rope handle is not seated properly, water may enter the recoil
housing and damage components. Make sure the handle is fully seated on
the recoil housing, especially when traveling in wet areas.
Recoil Starter