Polaris 300 2X4 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Hauling Cargo
Your ATV has been designed to carry or tow a certain amount of load.
Always read and understand the load distribution warning labels on the
vehicle, and never exceed the weight capacities outlined in the specifi-
cations section of the owner's manual and on the safety decals.
Cargo weight should be evenly distributed (1/3 on the front rack and 2/3
on the rear rack) and mounted as low as possible. When operating over
rough or hilly terrain, reduce speed and cargo weight to maintain stable
driving conditions. Do not obstruct the headlight beam with cargo.
Towing Loads
Always attach a towed load to the hitch point. If towing a load, reduce
rear rack cargo weight by the amount of tongue weight. The combina-
tion of rear rack cargo weight and tongue weight must not exceed the
rear rack capacity.
Using an improper hitch or exceeding the
maximum tongue weight capacity can
result in serious damage to the vehicle
and will void your ATV warranty. Never
install a hitch longer than 6 3/4" (17 cm).
Never install automotive accessories on
your Polaris ATV. Always install Polaris-
approved (or equivalent) accessories
designed for ATV use.
6 3/4" (17 cm)