Polaris 300 2X4 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Cleaning and Storage
Washing the Vehicle
Keeping your Polaris vehicle clean will not only improve its appearance
but it can also extend the life of various components.
The best and safest way to clean your Polaris vehicle is with a garden
hose and a pail of mild soap and water.
1. Use a professional-type washing cloth, cleaning the upper body first
and the lower parts last.
2. Rinse with clean water frequently.
3. Dry surfaces with a chamois to prevent water spots.
Washing Tips
Avoid the use of harsh cleaners, which can scratch the finish.
Do not use a power washer to clean the vehicle.
Do not use medium to heavy duty compounds on the finish.
Always use clean cloths and pads for cleaning and polishing. Old or
reused cloths and pads may contain dirt particles that will scratch the
High water pressure may damage components. Polaris recommends wash-
ing the vehicle by hand or with a garden hose, using mild soap.
Certain products, including insect repellents and chemicals, will damage
plastic surfaces. Do not allow these types of products to contact the vehicle.