Polaris 300 2X4 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Spark Arrestor
Use the following procedure to periodically purge accumulated carbon
from the exhaust pipe/muffler.
1. Position the vehicle on a
level surface.
2. Place the transmission in
3. Lock the parking brake.
4. Remove the arrestor
clean-out plug from the
bottom of the muffler.
5. Start the engine.
6. Quickly squeeze and release the throttle lever several times to purge
carbon from the system.
7. If carbon comes out of the exhaust, cover or plug the exhaust outlet.
Wear protective gloves.
8. Lightly tap on the exhaust pipe with a rubber mallet while repeating
step 6.
9. If particles are still suspected to be in the muffler, elevate the rear of
the vehicle one foot (30 cm) higher than the front. Block the wheels.
10. Place the transmission in neutral. Lock the parking brake. Repeat
steps 6 to 8 until no more particles are expelled.
11. Stop the engine. Allow the arrestor to cool.
12. Reinstall the arrestor plug and remove the exhaust outlet cover or
Failure to heed the following warnings while servicing the spark arrestor
could result in serious injury or death.
The exhaust system can get extremely hot. Do not perform service on the
spark arrestor while the system is hot. Allow components to cool sufficiently
before proceeding.
Remove any combustible materials from the area. Wear eye protection and
leather work gloves. Do not stand behind or in front of the vehicle while purg-
ing. Never run the engine in an enclosed area. Exhaust contains poisonous
carbon monoxide gas. Never go under the vehicle while it's inclined.
Clean-Out Plug