Polaris 300 2X4 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Driving Safely
Driving Through Water
After running the vehicle in water, it's critical to have it serviced as out-
lined in the maintenance chart. See page 68. The following areas need
special attention: engine oil, transmission oil, front and rear gearcases,
and all grease fittings.
NOTE: Avoid operating the vehicle through deep or fast-flowing water. If you
cannot avoid water that exceeds the recommended maximum depth,
go slowly, balance your weight carefully, avoid sudden movements,
and maintain a slow and steady forward motion. Do not make sudden
turns or stops, and do not make sudden throttle changes.
If your vehicle becomes immersed, and it's impossible to take it to a
dealer before starting it, follow the steps described on page 98. Have the
vehicle serviced by your dealer at the first opportunity.
Major engine damage can result if the vehicle is not thoroughly inspected
after operation in water. Perform the services outlined in the maintenance
If your vehicle becomes immersed or is operated in water that exceeds the
footrest level, take it to your dealer for service before starting the engine.