Polaris 300 2X4 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Driving Safely
Driving on Slippery Surfaces
Whenever riding on slippery
surfaces such as wet trails or
loose gravel, or during freez-
ing weather, follow these
1. Slow down when enter-
ing slippery areas.
2. Engage AWD before
wheels begin to lose
3. Maintain a high level of
alertness, reading the
trail and avoiding quick,
sharp turns, which can
cause skids.
4. Correct a skid by turning the handlebars in the direction of the skid
and shifting your body weight forward.
Severe damage to drive train may occur if the AWD is engaged while the
wheels are spinning. Always allow the rear wheels to stop spinning before
engaging AWD, or engage AWD before wheels begin to lose traction.
Failure to exercise care when operating on slippery surfaces can result in
loss of tire traction and cause loss of control, accident, and serious injury or
Never apply the brakes during a skid. Do not operate on excessively slippery
surfaces. Always reduce speed and use additional caution.