Polaris 300 2X4 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Operator Safety
Always check for obstacles before operating in a new area. Never
attempt to operate over large obstacles, such as rocks or fallen trees.
Always follow proper procedures when operating over obstacles as
described in this manual.
Always be careful of skidding or sliding. On slippery surfaces like
ice, travel slowly and use extra caution to reduce the chance of skid-
ding or sliding out of control.
Avoid operating the ATV through deep or fast-flowing water. If it's
unavoidable, travel slowly, balance your weight carefully, avoid sud-
den movements, and maintain a slow and steady forward motion. Do
not make sudden turns or stops, and do not make sudden throttle
Wet brakes may have reduced stopping ability. Test the brakes after
leaving water. If necessary, apply them lightly several times to allow
friction to dry out the pads.
Always check for obstacles or people behind the ATV before operat-
ing in reverse. When it's safe to proceed in reverse, move slowly and
avoid turning at sharp angles.
Always use the size and type of tires specified for your ATV, and
always maintain proper tire pressure.
Never modify an ATV through improper installation or use of acces-
Never exceed the stated load capacity for your ATV. Cargo must be
properly distributed and securely attached. Reduce speed and follow
the instructions in this manual for carrying cargo or towing. Allow a
greater distance for braking.