Lowrance electronic 3200 GPS Receiver User Manual

Current Information screen.
The Tidal Current Information screen displays daily tidal current data
for this station on this date at the present time. The graph at the top of
the screen is an approximate view of the flood and ebb pattern for the
day, from midnight (MN), to noon (NN) to midnight (MN). The velocity
scale at the top left side of the graph changes dynamically based upon
the maximum velocity of the current for that day.
Slack water, the period of little or no current, is represented by the
Slack Water Line (SWL). The flood appears above the SWL and the ebb
appears below the SWL.
You can look up tidal current data for other dates by changing the
month, day and year selection boxes. To select another date:
1. Use and to highlight month, day or year, then press
2. Use and to select the desired month, day or year, then press
To clear the information screen, press
Tide Information
Navionics charts contain Tidal Information,
represented at large zoom ranges by a box icon with
the letter "T." The icon stands for a Tidal Station
location. An example is displayed at right.
When you zoom in to a sufficiently small zoom range, the icon itself be-
comes an animated gauge showing a rising or falling tidal height for the
selected station at the present time. At larger zoom ranges, you can se-
lect the boxed "T" icon and it becomes an animated gauge with a pop-up
name box. An example is displayed in the following figure.