Lowrance electronic 3200 GPS Receiver User Manual

The medium-detail U.S. maps contain: all incorporated cities; shaded met-
ropolitan areas; county boundaries; shaded public lands (such as national
forests and parks); some major city streets; Interstate, U.S. and state high-
ways; Interstate highway exits and exit services information; large- and
medium-sized lakes and streams; and more than 60,000 navigation aids
and 10,000 wrecks and obstructions in U.S. coastal and Great Lakes waters
MapCreate custom maps include massive amounts of information not
found in the background map. MapCreate contains: the searchable
Points of Interest database, all the minor roads and streets, all the
landmark features (such as summits, schools, radio towers, etc.); more
rivers, streams, smaller lakes and ponds and their names.
What's more important is the large scale map detail that allows your
GPS unit to show a higher level of position accuracy. For example, the
background map would show you the general outline and approximate
shape of a coastline or water body, but the higher detail in MapCreate
shows the shoreline completely and accurately (finer detail). Many
smaller islands would not be included in the background map, but are,
of course, in MapCreate.
When the map is zoomed out far enough, most POIs appear as square
dots. As you zoom in closer, the symbols become readable icons. In the
0.2 mile zoom example at right, the cursor has selected the Cupps Café
POI, which triggers a pop-up box with the POI name. This pop-up box
works on POIs at any zoom range.
In some urban areas, businesses are so close to one another that
their POI icons crowd each other on the screen. In the preceding
figure, you can see a jumbled pile of POIs along Highway 34. You
School POI
Cursor line
Major Street
distance and
bearing data
Zoom Range