Lowrance electronic 3200 GPS Receiver User Manual

You need to select an antenna installation location that has a clear, un-
obstructed view of the sky. After the module is installed, route the cable
to the unit, plug it in the center socket on the back and your system is
ready to use. See the module's instruction sheet, publication part num-
ber 988-0147-39, for complete installation directions.
In an automobile, you may achieve good results by simply placing the
external antenna on the top of the dash, at the base of the windshield.
A piece of the rubber non-skid shelf liner material available in recrea-
tional vehicle supply stores will help hold the antenna in place. This
may not work well if you have a cab-over design pickup truck camper or
motor home. If dashboard reception is poor, simply relocate the an-
tenna module elsewhere on the vehicle for a clearer view of the sky.
Power Connections
The GlobalMap 3200 works from a 12-volt battery system. For the best
results, attach the power cable directly to the battery. You can attach
the power cable to an accessory or power buss, however you may have
problems with electrical interference. Therefore, it's safer to go ahead
and attach the power cable directly to the battery.
If possible, keep the power cable away from other boat wiring, espe-
cially the engine's wires. This will provide the best isolation from elec-
trical noise. If the cable is not long enough, splice #18 gauge wire onto
it. The power cable has two wires, red and black. Red is the positive
lead, black is negative or ground. Make sure to attach the in-line fuse
holder to the red lead as close to the power source as possible.
For example, if you have to extend the power cable to the battery or
power buss, attach one end of the fuse holder directly to the battery or
power buss. This will protect both the unit and the power cable in the
event of a short. It uses a 3-amp fuse.