Lowrance electronic 3200 GPS Receiver User Manual

Edit Route menu, left. Edit Route Waypoints menu, right,
with Add From Map command selected.
3. Use the Zoom keys and arrow keys to move the map and cursor until
the cursor is centered on the spot where you want your route to begin.
(If you are starting at your current position or the current cursor posi-
tion, you are already at the starting spot.)
4. Set the first route waypoint: press
. In this example, we moved to
the intersection of 11th Street and 145th E. Ave. to start our route to a
public hunting area next to a river. (Creating this example route is il-
lustrated in the following figures.)
Route creation sequence, from left: Fig. 1. Set route waypoint (1) at
11th St. & 145th Ave. Fig. 2. Zoom in; move cursor north to set point (2)
at 145th & Admiral. Fig. 3. With point (2) set, move cursor east to mark
interstate on-ramp with waypoint (3). In figures 2 and 3, notice the
rubber band line extending from the previously set waypoint to the
cursor. This line will become the course for the route.