Lowrance electronic 3200 GPS Receiver User Manual

Section 6: Searching
The background map loaded in your unit lets you to search for U.S.
Interstate Highway exits and exit services, as well as some land
features, including cities and lakes. For a full set of searchable land
features, including landmarks, streets, addresses and Points of In-
terest, you must load your own high-detail custom map produced
with our MapCreate 6 software. For a complete description of what
detail is found in the background map and custom MapCreate
maps, see page 28.
This GlobalMap 3200's varied search functions all begin with either the
Find Waypoint menu or the Map Page menu. Press
and the Find
Waypoint menu appears for waypoints and Points of Interest (POI).
From the Map Page, press
and the Map Page menu appears for
streets, addresses and highway exits.
Find Waypoint menu, left and Map Page menu, right.
You can search for items after the unit has acquired a position, or
while using the GlobalMap 3200 in the "indoor" simulator mode.
Distance and bearing to the selected item will be calculated from
the unit's current position, or the last known position if operating
indoors (without a position determined). You can look up items by
name, or search for the item nearest to you.
Find Addresses
1. From the Map Page, press
| to
2. Press
to search in the Address field.