Lowrance electronic 3200 GPS Receiver User Manual

Main Menu.
The Main Menu commands and their functions are:
Screen command: changes the contrast or brightness of the display
Sounds command: enables or disables the sounds for key strokes and
alarms and sets the alarm style.
Alarms command: turns GPS alarms on or off and changes alarm
Route Planning command: used to plan, view or navigate a route.
My Trails command: shows, hides, creates and deletes plot trails. Also
used to navigate or backtrack a trail.
Cancel Navigation command: turns off the various navigation com-
mands. Used to stop navigating after you have reached your destina-
tion waypoint, Point of Interest or map cursor location; or after you
reach the end of a route or trail.
GPS Setup command: sets various GPS receiver options.
System Setup command: sets general configuration options.
Sun/Moon Calculations command: finds the rising and setting time
of the sun and the moon.
Trip Calculator command: shows trip status and statistics.
Timers command: controls the up timer, down timer and alarm clock
Browse MMC Files command: this allows you to view the installed
MMC card and the files it contains.