Lowrance electronic 3200 GPS Receiver User Manual

bracket to a swivel mount, which can be used on the dash or overhead
mounting positions. Installation instructions are supplied with the
R-A-M mounting kits.
Optional R-A-M mounting system.
Bracket Installation
Mount the GlobalMap 3200 in any convenient location, provided there is
clearance behind the unit when it's tilted for the best viewing angle. You
should also make sure there is enough room behind the GlobalMap 3200
to attach the power and GPS antenna/receiver module cables. (A drawing
on the next page shows the dimensions of a gimbal-mounted GlobalMap
Holes in the bracket's base allow wood screw or through-bolt mounting.
You may need to place a piece of plywood on the back side of thin fiber-
glass panels to reinforce the panel and secure the mounting hardware.
Install the gimbal bracket. Orient the bracket so the arms slope toward
the front of your unit.
Drill a 1-inch (25.4 mm) hole in the dash for the power and antenna
cables. The best location for this hole is immediately under the gimbal
bracket location. This way, the bracket can be installed so that it covers
the hole, holds the cables in position and results in a neat installation.