Lowrance electronic 3200 GPS Receiver User Manual

In-Dash Installation
You can mount the GlobalMap 3200 in the dash with an optional FM-5
In-Dash Adapter Kit. The kit includes mounting hardware, a template
for cutting the hole and an instruction sheet, part 988-0147-43.
In-dash mounting template for the GlobalMap 3200, showing
dimensions. NOTE: The figure above is not printed to scale. A scaled
template (FM-5 In-Dash Adapter Kit instructions) is available for free
download from our web site, www.lowrance.com.
Portable Installation
Like many Lowrance products, the GlobalMap 3200 is capable of port-
able operation by using the optional PPP-11 portable power pack. The
power pack and the magnet-equipped antenna module expand the uses
for your GPS unit. The PPP-11 makes it easy to transfer your unit from
a boat to a car, recreational vehicle, airplane or other vehicle without
drilling and mounting a second bracket. You can use your unit in your
own car or boat, then take it along when riding in a friend's vehicle
that's not equipped with GPS.
The PPP-11 Portable Power Pack can be used with eight "D" cell alka-
line batteries or an optional sealed, rechargeable battery. For set-up
directions, refer to the pack's instruction sheet, part 988-0147-46.
R 7.9