Lowrance electronic 3200 GPS Receiver User Manual

Memory card compartment with a 16 MB MMC card installed.
To remove an MMC
1. Open the card compartment door by unscrewing the thumb screw.
The screw should only be finger tight. If it was over-tightened, use a
thumbnail, a coin or a screwdriver to open the door.
2. Use a thumbnail or fingernail to grab the groove in the bottom of the
MMC. See the figure above for the groove location.
3. Drag the MMC from the slot.
To add an MMC or SDC
1. Open the card compartment door.
2. Grasp the bottom of the MMC and push the top of the card into the
slot. Once the card is started, use your fingernails to slide it the rest of
the way to the left, until it is firmly seated in the slot.
3. Close the compartment door and fasten the thumb screw finger tight.
Other Accessories
Other accessories include MMC cards, MMC card readers and MapCre-
ate™ 6 custom mapping software for your computer. MMC card readers
are available in USB and parallel port versions.
If these accessories are not available from your dealer, see the acces-
sory ordering information on the inside back cover of this manual.
Insert card face up,
this way
MMC groove for card removal