Lowrance electronic 3200 GPS Receiver User Manual

Section 3 contains short, easy-to-scan GPS lessons that follow one an-
other in chronological order. They're all you'll need to know to find your
way on the water or in the wilderness quickly.
After you've learned the basics (or if you already have some GPS expe-
rience), you may want to try out some of the GlobalMap 3200's many
advanced navigation features. That brings us to Section 4, Advanced
GPS Operations. This section contains the rest of the unit's GPS com-
mand functions, organized in alphabetical order.
When you come to a GPS menu command on the GlobalMap 3200's screen,
you can look it up in the manual by skimming over the table of contents,
just flipping through Section 3 or scanning through the command portion of
Section 4.
This unit is ready to use right out of the box, but you can fine tune and cus-
tomize its operation with dozens of options. We describe how to use general
system options along with GPS options in Section 5, System Setup and
GPS Setup Options. Section 5 is organized in alphabetical order.
In Section 6, we go into more detail on one of the GlobalMap 3200's
most remarkable capabilities — Searching. We'll introduce a search
example in the Basic GPS Operation section, but there are so many
map items you can search for, we had to give this function its own sec-
tion in the manual! For example, did you know this unit can look up
business phone numbers, functioning as a virtual Yellow Pages? We’ll
show you how in Section 6.
Finally, in Section 7, we offer Supplemental Material, including a list of
the GPS datums used, warranties and customer service information.
Now, if you're into the fine details, glance over the next segment on
specifications to see just how much GPS power your GlobalMap 3200
contains. It's important to us (and our power users), but, if you don't care
how many watts of power the unit has, or how many waypoints it can
store, skip ahead to important information on how our GPS works, on
page 4.
Capabilities and Specifications: GlobalMap 3200
Display:............................ 5.0" (12.7 cm) diagonal high contrast Film
SuperTwist LCD; programmable to viewing
Resolution:...................... 320 pixel x 320 pixel resolution; 102,400 total
pixels; 10-level gray scale definition.
Backlighting:...................Incandescent cold cathode backlit screen with
multiple lighting levels; backlit keypad.