Lowrance electronic 3200 GPS Receiver User Manual

5. The Find Streets menu reappears with the first and second street
dialog boxes filled in. In this example, we selected 71st Street as our
second street. You could now use similar techniques to select a city or
Zip code, but your search will probably be faster if you leave those
boxes blank. (You can specify a city and/or Zip code later on to narrow
the search, if the resulting list is too long.)
Find Intersection command highlighted, left, and
"Working" message, center. At right is the Intersections Found list.
6. To search for the intersection of the two streets, press to
. A message appears asking you to wait while the
GlobalMap 3200 finds the intersection. When the Intersections Found
list appears, press or to select the intersection you are searching for
and press
. (In the example on the previous page, we selected the
intersection of SW 80th Street and SW 71st Avenue in Miami, Fla.)
7. The Map Page appears, with the cursor pointing to the found inter-
section. The intersection in our example is shown below.
Map Page showing results of an intersection search.
The cursor points to the located intersection.