Lowrance electronic 3200 GPS Receiver User Manual

The navigation screen looks like the one below when you're not navi-
gating to a waypoint or following a route or trail. Your position is
shown by an arrow in the center of the screen. Your trail history, or
path you've just taken, is depicted by the line extending from the arrow.
The arrow pointing down at the top of the compass rose indicates the cur-
rent track (direction of travel) you are taking.
Navigation Page, recording a trail, traveling southwest. Page looks
like this when the unit is not navigating to a waypoint , following a
route, or backtracking a trail.
When navigating to a waypoint, the Navigation screen looks like the
following figure. Your ground speed, track, distance and bearing to
waypoint, and course are all shown digitally on this screen.
Remember, when the Speed, Track and Position information dis-
plays are flashing, satellite lock has not been achieved and no posi-
tion fix has been determined. A question mark will also flash on the
present position arrow in the center of the compass rose.
Speed (ground speed) is the velocity you are making over the ground. (If
you wish, you can customize the Speed window to display Closing
Speed instead. Closing Speed is also known as velocity made good. It's
the speed that you're making toward the waypoint. For instructions,
see the Customize Page Displays entry in Sec. 5.)
Track is the heading, or the current direction you are actually travel-
ing. Bearing is the direction of a line-of-sight from your present position
Trail line
Track or compass heading indicator, showing direction of travel