Lowrance electronic 3200 GPS Receiver User Manual

by pressing
, then press or to select a city name from the list,
then press
. The city name you selected is now in the city field.
We recommend that you do not enter a city name unless the list you
are given is too large when searching without it. This unit can ac-
tually search quicker without a city and you save time by not en-
tering a city name.
Find city field, left, Search in particular city only option, center; Find
City by name, right.
6. When the necessary search fields are filled in, press to
. Your GlobalMap 3200 asks you to wait while it searches for
the address. (If an address is not in the database, a message appears
saying the address could not be found.)
7. The unit will display a list of addresses. If the address you are look-
ing for is highlighted at the top of the list, press
. If not, use and
to select the correct address from the list, then press
. The Map
Page will then appear with the location selected by the cursor. (In the
example below, we are looking for 12303 East 11th Street in Tulsa, not
11th Court, so we had to scroll down the list to select the right one.)
Address search result list, left. At center, Map Page showing location
of the address on the map, highlighted by cursor. At right, after the
address is located, you can navigate to it ("D" symbol for destination).