Polaris 400 H.O. Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Vehicle Immersion
If your vehicle becomes immersed, major engine damage can result if
the machine is not thoroughly inspected. Take the vehicle to your dealer
before starting the engine. If it's impossible to take your ATV to a dealer
before starting it, follow the steps outlined below.
1. Move the ATV to dry land or at the very least, to water below the
2. Check the air box. If water is present, dry the air box and replace the
filter with a new filter.
3. Turn the fuel valve off.
4. Remove the spark plug.
5. Loosen the carburetor drain
6. Turn the engine over several
times using the electric start.
7. Dry the spark plug. Reinstall the
plug or install a new plug
8. Tighten the carburetor drain
9. Turn the fuel valve on.
10. Attempt to start the engine. If
necessary, repeat the drying pro-
11. Take the ATV to your dealer for service as soon as possible, whether
you succeed in starting it or not.
12. If water has been ingested into the PVT, follow the procedure on
page 96 for drying out the PVT.
Drain Screw