Polaris 400 H.O. Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Engine Stops or Loses Power
Engine Overheating
Possible Cause Solution
Out of fuel Refuel, cycle key to ON position three
times for 5 seconds each, then start
Kinked or plugged fuel vent line Inspect and replace
Overuse of choke Inspect, clean and/or replace spark plugs
Water is present in fuel Replace with new fuel
Fouled or defective spark plug(s) Inspect, clean and/or replace spark
Worn or defective spark plug wires See your dealer
Incorrect spark plug gap or heat range Set gap to specs or replace plug
Loose ignition connections Check all connections and tighten
Low battery voltage Recharge the battery to 12.8 VDC
Incorrect fuel Replace with fresh recommended fuel
Clogged air filter Inspect and clean or replace
Reverse speed limiter malfunction See your dealer
Throttle release switch malfunction See your dealer
Other mechanical failure See your dealer
Overheated engine Clean radiator screen and core, clean
engine exterior, see your dealer
Possible Cause Solution
Debris lodged in screen Remove and clean the screen. Pull on the
top portion of the screen, then remove the
lower portion.
Plugged Radiator Use a garden hose to flush any debris
from the radiator fins. NOTE: High pres-
sure washers can deform the radiator fins
and reduce cooling efficiency.
Obstructed cooling fan Clean any debris or mud that may be
interfering with fan movement.