Polaris 400 H.O. Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Starting the Engine
1. Position the vehicle on a level surface outdoors or in a well-venti-
lated area.
2. Place the transmission in PARK.
3. Lock the parking brake.
Tip: The starter interlock will prevent the engine from starting if the transmission
is in gear and the brake is not engaged.
4. Turn the fuel valve on.
5. Sit on the vehicle.
6. Do not use the choke if starting a warm engine. Excessive use of the
choke can cause the spark plug to become wet fouled.
7. If the engine is cold, pull the
choke knob out until it stops.
Tip: The variable choke is fully on
when the knob is pulled com-
pletely out. The choke is off when
the knob is pushed completely in.
The choke can be adjusted gradu-
ally, depending on how much
choke is needed for starting. Be
sure the choke is off during opera-
tion, as excess fuel washing into
the engine oil will increase wear
on engine components.
8. If the knob doesn't stay where
positioned, increase the ten-
sion by rotating the tension
adjusting nut clockwise.
9. Move the engine stop switch to RUN.
10. Do not press the throttle while starting the engine.
Adjusting Nut