Polaris 400 H.O. Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Instrument Cluster
Rider Information Center
Standard Modes
Use the MODE button to toggle through the mode options. The reverse
override button is also the MODE button. See page 24. The transmission
cannot be in reverse when using this feature.
Odometer Mode
The odometer records the miles traveled by the ATV.
Trip Meter Mode
The trip meter records the miles traveled by the ATV on each trip if it's
reset before each trip. To reset the trip meter, select the trip meter mode.
Press and hold the mode button (override button) until the total changes
to 0. In the Rider Information Center, the trip meter display contains a
decimal point, but the odometer displays without a decimal point.
Hour Meter Mode
This mode logs the total hours the engine has been in operation.
Tachometer Mode
The engine RPM is displayed digitally. Small fluctuations in the RPM
from day to day may be normal because of changes in humidity, temper-
ature and elevation.