Polaris 400 H.O. Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Safety Warnings
Operating on Pavement
Operating an ATV on paved surfaces
(including sidewalks, paths, parking lots and
driveways) may adversely affect the
handling of the ATV and could result in loss
of control and accident or overturn.
Avoid operating the ATV on pavement. ATV
tires are designed for off-road use. If it's
unavoidable, travel slowly and avoid sudden
turns or stops.
Operating on Public Roads
Operating this ATV on public streets, roads
or highways could result in a collision with
another vehicle.
Never operate the ATV on any public street,
road or highway, including dirt and gravel
roads. In many states it's unlawful to
operate ATVs on public streets, roads and
Operating at Excessive
Operating the ATV at excessive speeds
increases the operator's risk of losing
Always operate at a speed that's
appropriate for the terrain, the visibility and
operating conditions, and your experience.