Polaris 400 H.O. Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Safety Warnings
Operating Through Deep Water
Operating the ATV through deep or fast-
flowing water could cause the tires to float,
causing loss of control or overturn.
Avoid operating the ATV through deep or
fast-flowing water. If it's unavoidable to
enter water that exceeds the
recommended maximum depth (see page
Travel slowly.
Balance your weight carefully.
Avoid sudden movements.
Maintain a slow and steady forward motion. Do not make sudden turns or
stops, and do not make sudden throttle changes.
Wet brakes may have reduced stopping ability. After leaving water, test the
brakes. Apply them lightly several times while driving slowly. The friction will
help dry out the pads.
Improper Cargo Loading
Overloading the ATV or carrying/towing cargo improperly may cause changes in
handling, which could cause loss of control or an accident.
Never exceed the stated load capacity for this ATV.
Cargo should be properly distributed and securely attached.
Reduce speed when carrying cargo or pulling a trailer. Allow a greater dis-
tance for braking.
NEVER exceed 50 MPH (80 km/h) when rear cargo loads are above 75 lbs.
(34 kg) and/or front cargo loads are above 37 lbs. (17 kg).
Always follow the instructions in the owner's manual for carrying cargo or pull-
ing a trailer. See page 59.