Polaris 400 H.O. Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Safety Warnings
Operating on Frozen Bodies of Water
Operating on frozen bodies of water may result in serious injury or death if the
ATV and/or the operator fall through the ice.
Never operate the ATV on a frozen body of water unless you have indepen-
dently verified that the ice is sufficiently thick to support the weight and moving
force of the ATV, you and your cargo, together with any other vehicles in your
party. Variances in snow depth and/or water currents may result in uneven ice
thickness. Always check with local authorities and residents to confirm ice condi-
tions and thickness over your entire route. ATV operators assume all risk associ-
ated with ice conditions on frozen bodies of water.
Poor Visibility
Operating the ATV in darkness or inclement weather could result in a collision or
accident, especially if operating on a road or street. This ATV is not equipped
with highway-approved lights. Operate this vehicle off-road only. Use caution
and drive at reduced speeds in conditions of reduced visibility such as fog, rain
and darkness. Clean headlights frequently and replace burned out headlamps
Operating a Damaged ATV
Operating a damaged ATV can result in an accident. After any overturn or
accident, have a qualified service dealer inspect the entire machine for possible
damage, including (but not limited to) brakes, throttle and steering systems.
Physical Skills
Safe operation of this rider-active vehicle requires good judgement and physical
skills. Persons with cognitive or physical disabilities who operate this vehicle
have an increased risk of overturn and loss of control.
Hot Exhaust Systems
Exhaust system components are very hot during and after use of the vehicle.
Hot components can cause burns and fire. Do not touch hot exhaust system
components. Always keep combustible materials away from the exhaust
system. Use caution when traveling through tall grass, especially dry grass.
Unauthorized Use of the ATV
Leaving the keys in the ignition can lead to unauthorized use of the vehicle,
which could result in an accident or overturn. Always remove the ignition key
when the vehicle is not in use.