Polaris 400 H.O. Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Cooling System
The engine coolant level is controlled, or maintained, by the recovery
system. The recovery system components are the recovery bottle, the
radiator filler neck, the radiator pressure cap and the connecting hose.
As coolant operating temperature increases, the expanding (heated)
excess coolant is forced out of the engine, past the pressure cap, and into
the recovery bottle. As engine coolant temperature decreases the con-
tracting (cooled) coolant is drawn back up from the bottle, past the pres-
sure cap, and into the radiator.
Some coolant level drop on new vehicles is normal as the system is
purging itself of trapped air. Check the coolant level and maintain as
recommended by adding coolant to the recovery bottle.
POLARIS recommends the use of POLARIS Premium 60/40 anti-
freeze/coolant or a 50/50 mixture of high quality aluminum compatible
anti-freeze/coolant and distilled water. POLARIS Premium 60/40 is
already premixed and ready to use. Do not dilute with water. See page
117 for the part numbers of POLARIS products.
Always follow the manufacturer's mixing recommendations for the
freeze protection required in your area.
Recovery Bottle Coolant
The recovery bottle is located
on the left side of the vehicle.
1. Remove the left side panel.
See page 80.
2. Maintain the coolant level
between the minimum and
maximum marks on the
bottle (when the fluid is
3. Add coolant as needed.