Polaris 400 H.O. Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Exported Vehicles
How to Get Service
If Purchased From A Private Party:
If you purchase a POLARIS product from a private citizen, to be kept and used outside
of the country in which the vehicle was originally purchased, all warranty coverage will
be denied. You must nonetheless warranty register your vehicle under your name and
address with a local POLARIS dealer in your country to ensure that you receive safety
information and notices regarding your vehicle.
If your vehicle is registered outside of the country where it was purchased, and you have
not followed the procedure set out above, your vehicle will no longer be eligible for war-
ranty or service bulletin coverage of any kind, other than safety bulletins. (Vehicles reg-
istered to Government officials or military personnel on assignment outside of the
country where the vehicle was purchased will continue to be covered by the basic war-
For questions call POLARIS Customer Assistance:
United States: 1-888-704-5290
Canada: 1-204-925-7100