Polaris 400 H.O. Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Transmission Oil
Oil Change
1. Remove the fill plug.
2. Place a drain pan under the gearcase. Remove the drain plug. Allow
the oil to drain completely.
3. Clean and reinstall the drain plug. Torque to specification.
4. Add the proper amount of the recommended oil.
5. Reinstall the fill plug. Torque to specification.
6. Check for leaks.
7. Dispose of used oil properly.
Front Gearcase (Demand Drive) Fluid
Always check and change the demand drive fluid at the intervals out-
lined in the Periodic Maintenance Chart beginning on page 62. Maintain
the fluid level at the bottom of the fill hole threads. See page 117 for the
part numbers of POLARIS products.
Fluid Recommendations
The fill plug is located on
the right side of the
demand drive unit. The
drain plug is located on the
bottom right side of the
Gearcase Lubricant Capacity Fill Plug
Drain Plug
Demand Drive PLUS Fluid 9 oz.
(265 ml)
8-10 ft. lbs.
(11-14 Nm)
11 ft. lbs.
(15 Nm)
Drain Plug
Fill Level