Polaris 400 H.O. Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Cleaning and Storage
Storage Tips
Fluid Levels
Inspect the fluid levels. Add or change fluids as recommended in the
Periodic Maintenance Chart beginning on page 62.
Demand drive unit (front gearcase)
Rear gearcase (if equipped)
Brake fluid (change every two years and any time the fluid looks dark
or contaminated)
Coolant (test strength/fill)
Fog the Engine
1. Support the front end of the machine so the engine is level or tilted
slightly rearward.
2. Remove the spark plug. Rotate the piston to BDC and pour two
ounces (59 ml) of engine oil into the cylinder.
3. Reinstall the spark plug. Torque to specification.
4. Apply dielectric grease to the inside of the spark plug cap. Reinstall
the cap.
5. Turn the engine over several times. Oil will be forced in and around
the piston rings and ring lands, coating the cylinder with a protec-
tive film of fresh oil.
6. Treat the fuel system with POLARIS Carbon Clean. See page 109.
7. If POLARIS fuel system additive is not used, the fuel tank, fuel
lines, and carburetor should be completely drained of gasoline.
8. To eliminate any fuel remaining in the carburetor, run the engine
until it stops.